Using wildcards

In most cases, the use of wildcards is supported when using resource adapter commands. Refer to the specific adapter documentation to see if wildcards are supported.

If resource adapter commands with wildcards are used with event triggers on input, events are coordinated to ensure that wildcards are matched. A wildcard value returned from an event trigger is used in other non-input event input cards or output cards, substituting any wildcard value that may exist in any of their properties.

For example:

Card Adapter Command
Input card 1 (event): MQSeries® MID = *
Input card 2 (not-event): MQSeries® MID = 123*456
Output card 1: File Filename = OUT*.TXT

If a message is received from input card 1 with a message ID of XYZ, then:

  • input card 2 is called with the MID property set to 123XYZ456.
  • the file created from output card 1 is named OUTXYZ.TXT.