Command syntax summaries

A syntax summary is a comprehensive list of the adapter-specific commands organized for use with data sources and data targets. Syntax notation, as applied to all command documentation, indicates required and optional commands, as well as options available for each command.

Required commands appear at the beginning of the list. Optional commands appear in brackets [ ]. Command dependencies are also noted when commands appear on the same line.

The following is a portion of the syntax summary for the IBM® MQSeries® messaging adapter command available for use with data sources:

-QMN queue_manager_name
-QN queue_name

This example illustrates that both the Queue Manager Name adapter command (-QMN) and the Queue Name adapter command (-QN) are required for data sources. In this example, you may use the Queue Manager Name adapter command (-QMN) to specify the name of the queue manager on which the queue (specified by the -QN command) exists.

The following is an additional example of the syntax notation used by the IBM® MQSeries® messaging adapter:

-QMN queue_manager_name
-QN queue_name
[-MID message_ID|-HMID hex_message_ID]

This example illustrates the use of brackets to indicate optional message ID adapter commands. The brackets [ ] indicate that both of the message ID commands are optional. The pipe | indicates that you may choose one of these commands, but not both.

In this example, you may use the Message ID adapter command (-MID) to specify a particular message ID for a data source. Or you may choose to use the Hex Message ID adapter command (-HMID) to specify message identifiers using hexadecimal pair notation.

* The File and Sink adapters do not require any adapter commands for their operation. The File adapter uses only the full pathname and filename for a parameter.