JAXB adapter command overview

This table summarizes the adapter commands, syntax, and whether you can use the command with data sources, data targets, or both. You can specify the commands on the adapter command line or through the adapter properties.

The commands are not case-sensitive, but the command values are case-sensitive. Choices are separated by the OR symbol | . Optional parameters are enclosed in brackets [ ]. The topics that follow provide the command syntax in railroad track format.

Table 1. JAXB adapter command summary

Each row of this table provides the command in column one, the command syntax in column 2, whether the command can be used with data sources in column 3, and whether the command can be used with data targets in column 4.

Command Syntax Use with Data Source Use with Data Target
Class name -C Java_class_name Yes Yes
File location -U {URL | file_name} Yes Yes
Object ID -I ID Yes Yes
Encoding -jaxb.encoding encoding_name Yes Yes
Schema location -jaxb.schemaLocation URI [URI] Yes No
No namespace location -jaxb.noNamespaceSchemaLocation location Yes No
Fragment -jaxb.fragment {true | false} Yes No
Trace -T [+] [file_name] Yes Yes
Trace errors -TE [+] [file_name] Yes Yes