Flow variables

Flow Variables are process data variables that go along with the flow execution, accessible to all nodes in the flow while it is being executed under flow executor/engine context.

Flow Variables are name-value pairs, where name is a case-sensitive string that is associated with a specific value in string format. Even numbers as values are maintained in character string format.

Map nodes in a flow access and manipulate through a new set of functions included in the 'flowlib' dynamic function library. This example utilizes those functions to set, get and increment the value of the flow variable defined for the flow.

Flow Variables can be set initially before the flow instance starts, or by the nodes in the flow that are propagated to the following nodes in the flow until the flow execution comes to an end.

Each flow instance gets its own set of variables, no two flow instances being executed at the same time share their flow variables with others. Flow Variables exists until the flow completes after they are defined the first time under flow executor context. In a non-flow executor context like, for example, under Command Server, exist until the top map finishes execution. The variables are shared by the top map and all its RUN maps for that specific map instance execution.

See the Flow variables example for a demonstration of how to use flow variables in a flow. The Flow variables example provides a readme file that contains detailed instructions on how to run the example.