Short format single character options

Short format single character options are described in this documentation:
  • -a Enable audit of the flow nodes

    Optional. Enables the flow audit. The flow audit is in a json format. It audits the flow execution and each node executed by the flow. Use -d option to get details about batch processing when using Split and Join nodes.

  • -e Enable audit of the flow nodes on error

    Optional. Generate flow audit file only if the flow fails to execute. If the audit is enabled, default option is to produce audit for both success and failure execution.

  • -d Run flow in the debug mode
    Optional. Enable flow debug mode. Debug mode is disabled by default. The debug mode changes the flow execution to the following:
    • Data passed to the flow links is saved in the .dat files. The .dat file format is:

      nodeid__inputTermNumber__splitNumber.dat , where

      nodeid is a unique id of the node receiving the data

      inputTermNumber is the node receiving data terminal number

      splitNumber is 0 if the node is not part of parallel batch processing between the Split and Join node, or it is equal to the ~SPLIT~ flow variable value. ~SPLIT~ flow variable is equal to the batch number or to HEADER if the Split node has Output Header Split option turned on.

      The flow audit file provides, in a form of a json array, information about all batches executed between Split and Join nodes.

      .dat files are saved in the flow working directory, as specified with –dir option.

      Note: A flow that runs in the debug mode will have slower performances, and may produce a large number of files if it uses Split node, and the flow processes large number of records. Insure that enough disk space is available to produce .dat files.

  • -h Print help usage message.

    Displays the flow command server usage information. The usage information is provided if the flow arguments are invalid, for example if the mandatory command line option –flow is not provided.

  • -v Print version information and exit.

    Display the version info and the copyright statement.