Informix GLS API

These topics describe the global language support (GLS) application programming interface (API) available in IBM® Informix® ESQL/C and HCL Informix DataBlade® modules.

Application programmers use the HCL Informix GLS API to write programs (or change existing programs) to handle different languages, cultural conventions, and code sets.

These topics are written for DataBlade module developers and ESQL/C programmers.

These topics assume that you have the following background:
  • A working knowledge of your computer, your operating system, and the utilities that your operating system provides
  • Some experience working with relational databases or exposure to database concepts
  • Some experience with computer programming

For information about software compatibility, see the HCL Informix GLS release notes.

Also see the HCL Informix GLS User's Guide, a companion document that describes the Global Language Support feature available in HCL Informix products.

These topics are taken from the IBM Informix GLS API Programmer's Guide.