Informix tutorials and examples

You can learn how to use some of the features and functionality of Informix® by using tutorials, examples, and recorded demonstrations.

Optimize data storage with the SQL administration API: This example shows how to estimate how much space you can save by compressing data, how to create a compression dictionary, and how to compress data. It also shows how to decompress data and remove the compression dictionary.
Manage storage devices with HCL Informix Primary Storage Manager: Learn how to set up and use HCL Informix Primary Storage Manager to manage storage devices that the onbar utility uses for backing up and restoring instances. Each example shows a specific backup strategy:
  • Storing backups for an instance.
  • Storing backups for two instances.
  • Exporting backups to, and restoring them from, a directory.
  • Exporting backups from one server, and importing them to another server.
Enterprise Replication examples: These examples show how to set up replication systems with the cdr command-line utility. They do not require a Connection Manager. Each example builds on the previous example to set up the following replication systems:
  • Primary-target replication
  • Update-anywhere replication
  • High-availability clusters in a hierarchical tree topology
Connection Manager configuration examples: These examples show how to configure connection management, using Connection Manager technology, for high-availability clusters and replication systems.
Set up a replication system with a grid: This example shows how to set up a replication domain, create a grid, create a database, create a replicated table, and load data.
Roll out schema changes in a grid: This example shows how to alter the data types of columns in five tables, and to roll out schema changes without application downtime.
Server deployment
Deploy Informix: This tutorial shows how to deploy a snapshot of the Informix database server by using the deployment utility.
Informix extensions
TimeSeries extension: These examples show how to configure database objects for specific types of time series data.
JSON compatibility
Create a time series through the wire listener: This example shows how to create, load, and query a time series with the REST API or the MongoDB API through the wire listener.
Informix Warehouse Accelerator: These examples show how to use Informix Warehouse Accelerator for in-memory acceleration of data mart queries:

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