IBM® offers a comprehensive portfolio of technical training and education services that are designed for individuals, companies, and public organizations to acquire, maintain, and optimize their IT skills.

The IBM training website provides a student center where you can view enrollments, training plans, and even directions to your classroom. From the website, you can find information about special offers and discounts on training such as promotions by mail or the IBM Education pack. In addition, you can subscribe to newsletters, RSS feeds, perspectives on training series, and information about new courses.

This section provides you a central location of links about training information specific to HCL Informix®. You can browse, view, and search online for training courses such as classroom and e-learning courses. You can view training paths that help you find the right course to take. You can even search for conferences and public events that are happening near you.

To view the full list of HCL Informix training paths with associated courses, see Informix training.

You can also search for any courses from the Global training finder by entering the course code and specifying your search criteria.

Popular Informix courses

The course catalog provides you information about course details, skill levels, and enrollment. You can browse the course catalog by location, training categories, recommended order of courses, and popularity.

The following table lists popular HCL Informix courses.
Course code Course title
IX480G, 2X480G Fast Path to HCL Informix for Experienced Relational Database Administrators
IX222G, 2X222G HCL Informix Database Administration
IX812G, 2X812G HCL Informix System Administration
IX131G, 1X131G, 2X131G HCL Informix Structured Query Language
IX711G, 1X711G, 2X711G HCL Informix Stored Procedures and Triggers
IX101G, 2X101G Developing Applications Using 4GL
IX110G Implementing Web Services using 4GL
IXA60G, 2XA60G Data Migration with HCL Informix
IX150G, 2X150G Developing Applications Using HCL Informix ESQL/C

IBM Authorized Training

IBM Authorized Training complements your classroom training. You can view training that is based on your curriculum area or your preferred format.

To view training offerings, see IBM Authorized Training.


Explore the IBM certification program for information about HCL Informix certified roles, roadmaps, and the certification process. With the certification program, you can validate your skills and demonstrate your proficiency in the latest IBM technology and solutions.

To learn more about the certification program, see IBM Information Management Training and Certification.
  • Certified roles

    This web page provides information about job role descriptions, recommended prerequisite skills, and requirements for HCL Informix certified roles.

  • Certification Process

    This web page provides you a list of steps for certification, test preparation materials, test registration information, and the certification agreement.

Academic Initiative program

The IBM Academic Initiative program provides professors and students access to the latest technologies in open source and IBM software, hardware, course materials, training, technical support, and other resources.

Faculty members, research professionals, and students at accredited institutions all over the globe can join the IBM Academic Initiative at no cost. There is no limit on the number of members from an institution that can join. To learn more about the IBM Academic Initiative or to join, see

Conferences and public events

Conferences and public events let you explore current and emerging technical topics, meet respected industry leaders, and network with peers from around the globe.

For information about conferences or public events near you, see the following web pages:
  • Conferences events

    This web page provides information about upcoming global conferences and events.

  • Events

    This web page features information about conferences or seminars, teleconferences, technical briefings, and webcasts.