Data warehousing

In addition to designing and implementing Informix® dimensional databases, you can use tools to create data warehouse applications and optimize your data warehouse queries. The resources that are external to the information center are marked as such.

External resources about Informix Warehouse Accelerator
  • Easy IWA: An introduction to using Informix Warehouse Accelerator (Whitepaper) This set of technical articles provides step-by-step instructions to get Informix Warehouse Accelerator up and running for the first time, including data generation, creation of an accelerator, loading a data mart, and running a set of queries.
  • HCL Informix Warehouse Accelerator: Performance is everything (white paper) This paper describes the benefits of Informix Warehouse Accelerator.
  • Query Acceleration for Business using Informix Warehouse Accelerator (IBM® Redbooks® publication) This IBM Redbooks publication provides a comprehensive look at the technology and architecture behind the system. It contains information about the tools, data synchronization, and query processing capabilities of Informix Warehouse Accelerator, and provides steps to implement data analysis by using Informix Warehouse Accelerator within an organization.
  • Blink technology (video) Learn how Blink technology works at the core of the Informix Warehouse Accelerator and how the Informix Warehouse Accelerator complements existing Informix server environments with radically progressive technology.
  • Informix Warehouse Accelerator Accelerates Warehouse Queries up to 100X or More! (video) This video shows how Informix Warehouse Accelerator dramatically speeds up even the most complex warehouse queries, without any tuning or changes to business applications.
  • Informix Warehouse Accelerator blog (blog) Martin Fuerderer provides practical hints and tips, new findings as they get uncovered, and general background information for a deeper understanding of Informix Warehouse Accelerator and its functions.
External resources about dimensional database design
  • Use the MERGE statement in Informix Dynamic Server (IBM developerWorks®) This article describes the MERGE statement of HCL Informix, which follows the SQL 2003 standard. The MERGE statement is especially useful in data warehouse (ETL) environments where transaction tables are merged into bigger warehouse tables.
  • Informix DBA: Building Fast Data Warehouse Schemas: Part 1 (IBM developerWorks) This article is part of a three-part series on data model and schema design for data warehouses. It shows why it is important to consider speed when building data warehouse schemas, and how dimensional models or star schemas can make queries run faster. Part 2 of this series shows how to design dimensional tables. Part 3 of this series shows how to design summary tables.
  • Recommended practices for using Cognos® with Informix, Part 1: Deploy Informix with IBM Cognos Express® 9 (IBM developerWorks) This two-part tutorial series gives you the information to install, configure, and deploy the necessary components. Part 1 gets you started with using IBM Cognos Express V9 together with HCL Informix V11.5 as a content store and data source. Part 2 of this tutorial leads you through deploying Informix with IBM Cognos BI Server V10.
Main resources
  • Release information for Informix Warehouse Accelerator These online notes describe new features, contain important information and corrections that supplement the information in the product publications, contain information that is about known and fixed customer-reported defects, and describe platform-specific actions that you must take to configure and use HCL Informix Warehouse Accelerator.