Java technology dependencies

HCL Informix® software supports Java™ Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) to create and run Java applications, including user-defined routines (UDRs). Java SE 8 is supported as of Informix 14.10.xC1.

  • Check the machine notes to learn about Java technology exceptions and other requirements for specific operating system platforms. The machine notes are available on the product media and in the online release information.
  • In general, any application that ran correctly with earlier versions of Java technology will run correctly with this version. If you encounter problems, recompile the application with the next available fix pack or version. However, because there are frequent Java fixes and updates, not all of them are tested.
  • To develop Java UDRs for the database server, use the supported Java software development kit or an earlier version according to Java compatibility guidelines. The supported version provides a known and reliable Java environment for UDRs in this database server release.

For details about Java requirements, check the following sections:

Java runtime environment

On most supported operating system platforms, the Informix installation application bundles a Java runtime environment that it requires. However, check the machine notes for your operating system platform to determine whether the installation application requires a particular Java runtime environment to be preinstalled.

Also, IBM® Runtime Environment, Java Technology Edition is supported for general use of the database server. It is installed on most operating system platforms by default in the following directory: $INFORMIXDIR/extend/krakatoa/jre/.

MongoDB API and REST API access supports Java™ Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) version 8.

Software development kit for Java

The following products and components require a software development kit for Java, but one is not installed:

  • Informix DataBlade® Developers Kit (DBDK)
  • HCL Informix JDBC Driver
  • J/Foundation component
  • Spatial Java API
  • TimeSeries Java API

The software development kit that you use must be compatible with the supported Java runtime environment. Informix does not support OpenJDK. You can download a development kit from the following web sites:

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) specification

Informix products and components are compliant with the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) 4.0 specification.