Demonstration databases

The DB-Access utility, which is provided with your HCL Informix® database server products, includes one or more of the following demonstration databases:
  • The stores_demo database illustrates a relational schema with information about a fictitious wholesale sporting-goods distributor. Many examples in HCL Informix publications are based on the stores_demo database.
  • The superstores_demo database illustrates an object-relational schema. The superstores_demo database contains examples of extended data types, type and table inheritance, and user-defined routines.

For information about how to create and populate the demonstration databases, see the HCL® Informix DB-Access User's Guide. For descriptions of the databases and their contents, see the HCL Informix Guide to SQL: Reference.

The scripts that you use to install the demonstration databases are in the $INFORMIXDIR/bin directory on UNIX™ platforms and in the %INFORMIXDIR%\bin directory in Windows™ environments.