Example code conventions

Examples of SQL code occur throughout this publication. Except as noted, the code is not specific to any single HCL Informix® application development tool.

If only SQL statements are listed in the example, they are not delimited by semicolons. For instance, you might see the code in the following example:
CONNECT TO stores_demo

DELETE FROM customer
   WHERE customer_num = 121

To use this SQL code for a specific product, you must apply the syntax rules for that product. For example, if you are using an SQL API, you must use EXEC SQL at the start of each statement and a semicolon (or other appropriate delimiter) at the end of the statement. If you are using DBAccess, you must delimit multiple statements with semicolons.
Tip: Ellipsis points in a code example indicate that more code would be added in a full application, but it is not necessary to show it to describe the concept that is being discussed.

For detailed directions on using SQL statements for a particular application development tool or SQL API, see the documentation for your product.