Upgrading from prior releases

Beginning with Volt 1.0.2, all Volt NSF files set the database property Don't Maintain Unread Marks as default, which should improve performance. NSF files created in prior versions of Volt are not changed.

Note: Administrators can choose to set the Don't Maintain Unread Marks property on pre-existing Volt applications either by using the database infobox individually on each application, or can use the compact tool to update a set of applications at once.
Admins can use the indirect files option to disable the Don't Maintain Unread Marks property using compact. For more information, see Using indirect files to run database maintenance tasks.
  1. Create a text file with the .ind file name extension. For example, voltapps.ind.
  2. Add the list of volt apps/databases/directories to the text file. For example, in the voltapps.ind file, you would add the following:
    • volt/3f3c6795-99ff-4f32-bf7e-f873fa580f30.nsf
    • volt/a8e1a577-843c-4d3d-8a75-30bf80ed3589.nsf
    • volt/7e35779d-865c-4d5d-adcd-e39b0915780a.nsf
  3. With the Domino Volt server running, enter the following commands from the Domino console or using the Domino remote console:
    load compact -U voltunread.ind
    Note: You must have the proper administrator rights to complete this step.
  4. Check that the Don't Maintain Unread Marks property (on the Advanced tab of the Database infobox) is now set for all the applications you put in the .ind file.