Upgrading applications

Once an application has been deployed, it is unwise to continue editing the live production version - it is not possible to test the application in that scenario without deploying to the live production environment. Volt 1.0.1 provides an Upgrade feature, which enables developers to evolve a parallel copy of the application and then upgrade the production version only after all the changes have been made and also tested in the working copy.

The Upgrade feature is available from the More... menu on the My Applications page:
upgrade feature menu graphic
Before editing an application that is in production, first Export that application (available on the same menu as Upgrade), then import that application to either a different server or to a different application on the same server. That copy can then be edited and deployed, and all the potential changes tested out. Once you feel that the changes are ready, export the updated application to a .volt file.
Note: When upgrading an application, the .volt file provided to upgrade must have the same parent as the application being upgraded.
To upgrade the application:
upgrading an application dialog box
  1. Select the Upgrade action from the More menu.
  2. Choose the .volt file where the changes have been made.
  3. Indicate whether or not any existing data should be replaced.
  4. Click OK.

    The application is then updated and redeployed. Since the live production application is now being modified, it is recommended that this action be done in off hours or at a time when the application is not in use.