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This context graphic shows two sets, the GUI and its corresponding data set. GUI contains F_Form1 (Form) and F_Form2 (Form). F_Form1 includes P_Page1 (Page), which includes F_Age (Number), F_Name (SingleLineEntry), F_logo (Image), F_Country (DropDown), F_Section (Section) which includes (F_Income (Currency) and F_Expenses (Table) which includes a subform, which includes F_Type (SingleLineEntry) and F_Cost (Currency). The second part is the Data, which includes F_Form1 (Business Object). F_Age (number) in the Data section corresponds to F_Age (Number) in the GUI. The following items in the Data section correspond to items that follow them in the GUI section. F_Name (string) corresponds to F_Name (SingleLineEntry) in the GUI section. F_Country (string) correspongs to F_Country (DropDown). F_Income (number) corresponds to F_Income (Currency). F_Expenses (list) corresponds to F_Expenses (Table) in the GUI. The Business Object in the Data section corresponds to the Sub Form. The Business Object contains F_Type (string) and F_Cost (number) which correspond to the F_Type (SingleLineEntry) and F_Cost (number). F_Expenses (list) in the data section also includes two more Business Objects that contain nothing. F_Form2 (Business Object) Corresponds to F_Form2 (Form).