Mapping form items to PDF fields

The following instructions describe how to create a Service Configuration to map Volt fields to fields in an existing PDF and, when triggered, returns the filled PDF to the user.

Before you begin

  • You must have your PDF uploaded in the Settings > Files section.
  • If you did not save your application after you uploaded the PDF, click Save before you use the following instructions.
  • You must create a Volt form containing fields that are similar to the fields in the PDF.


  1. Go to the Settings tab.
    • If you only have one form, click Services from the menu on the left side of the page.
    • If there are multiple forms, click Services > <form_name >.
  2. Click Add Service Configuration.
    The Service Configuration window opens.
  3. From the Service Catalog menu, select Fillable PDF.
    A list of available documents is displayed.
  4. Select the PDF from the list and click Next.
    The Inputs tab is activated.
  5. Select a form item from the Select source window, and a corresponding item from the Select target window.
    For example, you would map your Volt First Name form item to the First Name field in the PDF.
  6. Click the Assign input button that is located between the two windows.
    When valid mapping is done, a check mark appears to the right of the item name in the Select source, and Select target windows. The mapped value also appears in the list of Assigned Inputs.
  7. When all inputs are mapped, click OK.