Creating the PDF trigger

The following instructions describe how to create a trigger that calls the PDF service, and triggers the service when the user clicks the button.

About this task

When the user clicks the button, the service that maps information from the form to the PDF is triggered. The PDF is displayed, or stored as an attachment, with user supplied information in the PDF fields.


  1. Add a Button to your form from the Palette.
  2. Change the Caption of the button so users know that clicking it populates a PDF.
    For example, change the caption of the button to Create PDF.
  3. Select the widget in the form.
    The Properties panel displays on the right side of the screen.
  4. Select Call a service when clicked.
    Select the Service Configuration you created from the menu.
  5. Save your application.


When the application is deployed, you can click the Create PDF button and a PDF is populated containing the values that are entered in the Volt application.
Note: You can use other common form events as triggers, including validateButtonPressed. Stage action buttons cannot be used as triggers.