Defining a JSON schema

For some connection types, there is no way to determine the format of the data by querying the resource. For example, a file in Amazon S3 has no metadata that defines its format. For these connection types, a representative JSON template can be provided to Link and associated with the action.

About this task

Create a JSON file that defines what the JSON request or response contains. Link processes this JSON file to determine the structure of the schema.

To define a JSON schema for Link, complete the following steps:


  1. Click Schemas at the bottom of the screen, then click on XSD/JSON:
    creating a json schema for link
  2. Drag a file to the drop area or select a file from your local file system. By default, the schema is named the same as the JSON file, but you can optionally modify this name.
    creating a json schema form
  3. Click OK to upload the file to Link and generate the schema. Once generated, the schema becomes available in the schema list when defining an action.