Defining an action

Once you create a connection, you can define one or more actions that use the connection. A connection does not show in the Services Catalog in Domino Volt until an action is defined for it.

About this task

To define an action for a connection, complete the following steps:


  1. Click Connections at the bottom of the screen to show a list of connections.
  2. Hover over the connection you want to define an action for and click on the menu icon.
  3. Select New Action from the pop-up menu:
    new action option in connections pop-up menu
  4. Under Action Type, select either Source or Target for the action direction.
    If you are defining an action to fetch data from a resource, then select Source. If you are defining an action to write data to a resource, select Target.
  5. Enter the properties for the action:
    enter properties in new action dialog
  6. To parameterize a property value, or part of a property value, specify the parameter using the following syntax:
    Parameters display in the input mapping screen in Domino Volt.
    properties fields in new action dialog
  7. Some connection types require reading from a file. For example, if defining an action to read from an Excel file, the file must be provided. To upload the file to Link, select Upload File from the drop-down:
    upload file for action in link
  8. Click Next to advance to the Schema page.
  9. Depending on the type of connection, the ability to generate a schema may or may not be available. If the connector is capable of generating a schema, the user interface will display a Generate button:
    generate button for schema in link

    If the Generate button is available, enter a meaningful name for the schema and then click Generate to generate a schema. Link invokes the action to describe the response and will construct a Link schema.

    If the Generate button is not available, you can provide a schema that you have created previously that represents the request or response data. For more information on providing a JSON schema, see Defining a JSON schema.

    If you provide a JSON schema using this method, select the schema from the Schema list, then select the JSON element with the blue icon for the Schema Type:
    alternate method of creating a schema
  10. Under Identification, give the action a name and description. These are displayed in the list of services in Domino Volt.
  11. Click OK. The action is saved and deployed to the Link runtime.