What's new in 1.0.2?

What's new for app authors?

  • Name Picker field.
  • Improved app design experience. For example, most item properties are now in a side-panel instead of a modal dialog.
  • Ability to choose which columns on the View Data page are sortable.
  • Added a new "contains" search operator option.
  • Ability to choose whether to enable a full-text index (required for the "contains" operator in the Search dialog).
  • Ability to include attachments in an email message generated by a stage change.
  • Application history.

What's new for administrators?

  • Ability to add a custom theme to be shared by multiple applications.
  • Control which email address format to use with new configuration settings (Internet vs. HCL Notes native format).
  • Volt NSF files created in Volt 1.0.2 set the database property Don't Maintain Unread Marks to not maintain unread marks, which should improve performance. For more information, see Upgrading from prior releases.