DAOS Version 2

DAOS Version 2 (DAOSV2) is a new version of DAOS that provides a more reliable way of tracking DAOS objects on a server.

The improved reliability comes from making subcontainer names be the index into the memory array that holds the information about a subcontainer.

There are no changes to how DAOS objects are created or to the directory structure in which they are stored. The only change is that the daos.cfg file from earlier releases is replaced with the daos.cf2 file to allow backfilling of subcontainers that have space. The daoscat.nsf database remains unchanged.

A new console command, tell daosmgr containers, can be used to dump the contents of the in-memory subcontainer array. This command is useful if you need to work with Support to troubleshoot an issue.

DAOSV2 is backward compatible with pre-Domino 12 servers. If a daos.cf2 file is created on a pre-Domino 12 server, it is ignored and a daos.cfg file continues to be used.

You can revert a Domino 12 server to DAOSV1 by using the notes.ini setting DAOS_DISABLE_VERSION2=1 and restarting the server. The daos.cf2 file is deleted and a daos.cfg file is created.