AES-128 encryption used for DAOS objects

DAOS objects created in HCL Domino® 12 are encrypted using AES-128 rather than the legacy encryption method used in previous versions.

Domino versions 11.0.1 and later support DAOS AES-128 objects that are encrypted on Domino 12. An 11.0.1 server can read DAOS objects encrypted with AES-128 but cannot create them.

When a version 11.0.0 or earlier Domino server attempts to read an AES-128 encrypted object, the error "Specified private key does not exist" is returned and it will be unable to decrypt and read the object.

Note: If you anticipate that you will need to revert a Domino 12 server to a pre-11.0.1 version, before upgrading the server to Domino 12, add the following notes.ini setting to force Domino to use the legacy encryption: