Welcome to the documentation for the HCL Domino Early Access Program

The HCL Domino® Early Access Program is a new program that is intended to give you the chance to test new product features early in the development cycle.

The program provides you with the ability to preview features and functionality that may be made available in a future version of HCL Domino and it provides us the ability to incorporate your valuable feedback. At this stage, we are providing early access to features that are being considered for HCL Domino 12.

The Early Access Program is feature-driven and iterative, meaning new iterations - so called code drops - will be made available as soon as possible when declared ready for testing by our development team.

Each code drop is provided in the form of a Docker image which enables us to ship new iterations faster and to minimize the time to upgrade from one code drop to the next. You can expect us to deliver code drops at a fast pace as we want program participants to have exclusive access to our latest product feature set. Please note that only the newest code drop will be available for you to download.

Last revision date: November 9, 2020