Entitlement tracking enhancements

HCL Domino 12.0.1 provides the following enhancements to the Entitlement tracking feature.

  • LDAP groups are now processed when scanning database ACLs and any users from those groups are included in entitlement tabulation.
  • The History view in entitlements.nsf includes a Snapshot button. Click this button to generate a document that summarizes the current total number of entitlements by access level, based on current data. Domino runs this same action automatically once per week so that there is a historical record of changes to entitlement.
  • If the -Default- ACL entry that ships with a Domino system database allows access, that entry is not considered an entitlement and is excluded from processing. For example, Domino help databases ship with -Default- ACL entries that allow Reader access and therefore those -Default- ACL entries are excluded from processing.