Backup and restore enhancements

V12.0.1 provides the following enhancements for backup and restore functionality.

  • You can now integrate the Domino backup database with a third-party restore application to leverage the modern interface of the Domino backup database for database restore. All of the restore operations available with Domino-integrated restore are available for third-party restore, for example, the ability to disable replication, change replica ID, and restore documents and folders. For more information, see Enabling third-party restore.
  • The multi-restore operation now works to restore database from multiple backups. Note that the backup integration must mount and/or copy databases back to the server.
  • The following new events are added to provide better integration, particularly for multi-restore operations that mount snapshots:
    • Pre-backup command is invoked before a backup begins to allow preparation for backup operations.
    • Post-backup command is invoked after a backup has completed to allow post backup operations. This event can be used, for example, to trigger backing up delta files or logs to another backup location.
    • Pre-restore command is invoked before a single or multi-restore operation.
    • Post-restore command is invoked after a single or multi-restore operations. This event can be used, for example, to unmount restore points.
  • By default, backup and restore operations only log errors to a log file when command line operations fail. You now have the option to log all output. The resulting output is added as an attachment to the backup or restore document. If no output is generated, no attachment is written. The new option is configured through the Log OS command output field in the Main tab of the configuration. Choose either All output or Errors only (default).