Auto-processing of rename requests

You can enable a new feature named AdminQ, short for Administration Quick, to auto-accept renames for users with a vaulted Notes ID.

This is targeted at iNotes and Verse users who previously had to connect first as a Notes user to accept a rename. To enable the feature, set the following notes.ini setting on the administration server for the domain:


A new template, adminq.ntf, is used by adminp to automatically create the database adminq.nsf to be used for this processing. There are no administrator actions in this database, it is used only for the backend processing.

The flow is driven by the "Delete Obsolete Change Requests" adminp request which is processed nightly. During that time, adminp searches the Domino directory for users with un-expired Change Requests. These requests indicate users for whom renames were started and "Initiate Rename in Domino Directory" adminp requests were processed. Entries for these users are created in adminq.nsf and set to the "Needs Processing" state.

A new thread in adminp processes these requests from adminq.nsf every hour. You can use the following notes.ini setting to change this interval:


This thread processes the Change Request information and updates the user's ID in the ID vault. This action is equivalent to a vault user logging in with the Notes client causing the ID file to synchronize with the ID vault. A successful update causes the request to be marked as "Processed" in the adminq.nsf and the next adminp request in the rename flow is generated, "Rename Person in Domino Directory." The rest of the adminp flow proceeds as usual.

Entries in adminq.nsf that are processed successfully are purged every 8 days. Failed entries are updated with error information, retried, and purged after 90 days.

Use DEBUG_ADMINQ_RENAME=1 to enable debugging for this feature.