Creating the Notes® upgrade-by-mail user notification

Upgrade-by-mail notifies users to upgrade their Notes® client, and optionally their mail template. The notification message includes options to start the upgrade.

About this task

Upgrade-by-mail requires that you copy all installation files to a network file server or a shared directory that users can access. In the upgrade notification, you'll specify the path to the target Notes® install kit's setup.exe.

Note: Upgrade-by-mail is not available for iNotes® users.


  1. In the Domino® Administrator, select the server bookmarks, then select the server on which your users' mail file resides.
  2. Click the Messaging tab.
  3. Open the Mail users view, select the users to upgrade, and click Send Upgrade Notifications.
  4. On the Basics tab, click Upgrade Notes Client & Mail Template to Notes x or higher.
  5. On the Client Versions tab, enter a version number or accept the default.
  6. On the Software Distributions tab, in the Notes Install Kit Paths section, enter the directory which the target Notes® install kit resides in the Root path for Install kits field using the following format:
  7. In the Path for platform field, enter the path to the install kit using the format you used in Step 6, and include the installation executable, for example setup.exe, in the path.
  8. If you want users to upgrade their mail file templates, complete the Mail Template Information section. Enter the mail file template name or accept the default.
  9. The new mail template name appears in the New Mail template file name field. If you renamed the template or used a custom mail template, enter the new name. The new template must exist in your users' Notes® data directory.
  10. The Ignore 200 category limit check box is selected. If you want no more than 200 folders created, deselect the check box.
  11. If you are upgrading IMAP clients, select the Mail file to be used by IMAP mail clients check box.
  12. Optional: To automatically upgrade custom folders to the Inbox design, enable Upgrade custom folders.
  13. Optional: Enable the Prompt before upgrading custom folders check box.
  14. Optional: Complete the Additional Information field.
  15. Optional: Specify whether to be notified after users have upgraded their mail file templates.
  16. Click Send.