Getting fixes from Fix Central

You can use Fix Central to find the fixes that are recommended by IBM® Support for a variety of products, including Lotus Domino. With Fix Central, you can search, select, order, and download fixes for your system with a choice of delivery options. A Lotus Domino product fix might be available to resolve your problem.

About this task


To find and install fixes:
  1. Obtain the tools that are required to get the fix. If not installed, obtain your product update installer. The installer can be downloaded from Fix Central.
    This site provides download, installation, and configuration instructions for the update installer.
  2. Select Lotus Domino as the product, and select one or more check boxes that are relevant to the problem that you want to resolve.
  3. Identify and select the fix that is required.
  4. Download the fix.
    1. Open the download document and follow the link in the Download Package section.
    2. When downloading the file, ensure that the name of the maintenance file is not changed. This change might be intentional, or it might be an inadvertent change that is caused by certain web browsers or download utilities.
  5. Apply the fix.
    1. Follow the instructions in the Installation Instructions section of the download document.
    2. For more information, see the Installing fixes with the Update Installer topic in the product documentation.
  6. Optional: Subscribe to receive weekly email notifications about fixes and other IBM® Support updates.