Configuring automatic updates for widgets

As with widgets in IBM® Notes®, you can use a policy to automatically push widgets to IBM® iNotes® users.

Before you begin

Configure widget policies.


Enable these two required notes.ini file settings in the notes.ini file on the mail servers to enable automatic updates for widgets.
Table 1. Notes.ini file settings related to iNotes®
Parameter Acceptable


iNotes_WA_Widgets_AutoUpdate_Group Name of a Domino group

Default Value = N/A

Sets a directory group name that is used during iNotes® Widgets automatic update; all members of the group have auto update run for them.
iNotes_WA_Widgets_AutoUpdate_Min -OR- iNotes_WA_Widgets_AutoUpdate_Day A number

Default value is iNotes_WA_Widgets_AutoUpdate_Day=1

The interval for iNotes® Widgets automatic update. Default is iNotes_WA_Widgets_AutoUpdate_Day=1.

iNotes_WA_Widgets_AutoUpdate_Day applies any updates to the widgets that are installed from the Widget Catalog for each end user listed in the group defined by iNotes_WA_Widgets_AutoUpdate_Group. If the group is not defined or does not exist, it will not perform any actions. The default value means that the update task will run unless the DOTS server task is started.

What to do next

The OpenSocial component installer will automatically add the Domino® OSGi Tasklet Server (DOTs) server task to the ServerTasks setting in the notes.ini file if the Domino® server has been configured. Otherwise, you will need to manually add DOTs to the ServerTasks= notes.ini setting.