Mail performance and monitoring

IBM® Domino® offers performance-enhancing features.

Using multiple databases allows multiple server processes to write mail at once; the Router can operate on messages in one database, while clients or other servers deposit mail to other databases.

Attachment consolidation through the Domino® Object and Attachment Service (DAOS) provides more efficient disk usage by storing a single copy of every file attachment in a message addressed to multiple recipients on a server in a repository on the server. Each recipient sees and works with an attachment as usual, but the file is referenced and stored once to save disk space in users' mail files. Users can still edit and copy the attachment as usual.

Domino® and the Domino® Administrator have a number of monitoring features to help you plan, review, and troubleshoot your Domino® system. You can record server statistics, see which tasks are running on servers, track mail messages, and make changes to multiple databases at once.