Uninstalling Notes from a Mac OS X client

You can uninstall Notes® by dragging IBM Notes.app from /Applications to the trash. You can also uninstall Notes using the uninstaller application supplied with the Notes install media. Both methods preserve user data.

You can also uninstall Notes by dragging the following items to the Apple Mac OS X trash bin:

  • IBM Notes.app
  • ~/Library/Application Support/IBM Notes Data folder (where ~ is the user's home directory)
  • ~/Library/Preferences/Notes Preferences
    Note: To reinstall after uninstalling, you may also need to delete the following items prior to reinstalling Notes:
    • /Library/Receipts/IBM Notes Installer.pkg
    • /Library/Receipts/IBM Notes Installer_English.pkg
    • /Library/Receipts/xpdcoreinstaller.pkg