Reducing Notes® startup time for Linux users

The Linux platform Notes® install package contains a script that reduces Notes® client startup time after the first operating system startup.

About this task

This procedure uses the supplied script, which calls the ntspreld program to preload several key libraries used by Notes® to reduce Notes® startup time. When enabled, Notes® will automatically preload several libraries to reduce its startup time.
Note: A similar capability for Windows platform users is described in the topic Reducing Notes® startup time using a preloader.


  1. Install or upgrade Notes® on the Linux platform client but do not start Notes®.
    Note: If Notes® is running, shut it down.
  2. Navigate to the Notes® install directory, for example /opt/ibm/notes and locate the script.
  3. Switch to root user and enable (or subsequently disable) the script.
    Note: You must run the script as the root user to add the preload command to the /etc/rc.d/after.local or /etc/rc.local files. The script /opt/ibm/notes/ cannot be added as a startup program; it must be executed as root to either enable or disable the preloader as follows:
    • /opt/ibm/notes/ -enable
    • /opt/ibm/notes/ -disable
    Once the script is enabled, the preloader will run whenever a Notes® user logs in, until the root user runs the -disable program
  4. Restart the Notes® client.