Reducing Notes® startup time using a preloader

Notes® preloader can be configured to run at OS startup. The preloader allows for faster Notes® client startup by preloading some required Notes® libraries when the OS is started. The preloader opens and closes certain databases to load Notes® libraries into memory and then shuts itself down. When enabled, users experience a faster Notes® startup.

About this task

You can enable the preloader option during Notes® client install or upgrade using the Launch parts of Notes when the operating system starts to enable faster Notes startup option in the user interface. The option appears on the same install screen on which Notes® can be enabled as the default mail, calendar, and contacts programs. The preloader option is off by default.

You can also enable the preloader when performing a silent install on the MSI command line, or by way of an MSI transform, or after install using registry key settings.

For details on the Notes® preloader, see Tech Note 1424193 Lotus Notes® preloader.

A similar capability for Linux platform users is described in the topic Reducing Notes® startup time for Linux users.