Example: Creating and providing a batch file for Notes silent install

You can create and provide a batch file for users that executes a Notes® silent install.

About this task

Users can install Notes by running a batch file created for them.

Create a batch file


  1. Open a text editor.
  2. Type the desired silent install command syntax in the edit window, for example:
    setup /S /V"/qn"
  3. Save the file using a .bat file extension in the name, for example BATCHINSTALL.BAT. Save the file to the Notes installation kit folder, the same directory that contains the Notes setup.exe.

Run the batch file


  1. Navigate to the installation image directory (the directory in which the Notes setup.exe or setup.sh resides).
  2. Locate the batch file, for example batchinstall.bat.
  3. Run the batch file by double-clicking on the .bat file name, for example batchinstall.bat.