Example: Creating and providing a batch file for Notes® silent install

You can create and provide a batch file for users that executes a Notes® silent install.

About this task

Users can install Notes® by running a batch file created for them.

Create a batch file


  1. Open a text editor.
  2. Type the desired silent install command syntax in the edit window, for example:
    setup /S /V"/qn"
  3. Save the file using a .bat file extension in the name, for example BATCHINSTALL.BAT. Save the file to the Notes® installation kit folder, the same directory that contains the Notes® setup.exe.

Run the batch file


  1. Navigate to the installation image directory (the directory in which the Notes® setup.exe or setup.sh resides).
  2. Locate the batch file, for example batchinstall.bat.
  3. Run the batch file by double-clicking on the .bat file name, for example batchinstall.bat.