Installing and upgrading Notes® on Mac OS X

Notes® installation on Apple Mac OS X supports multi-user install.

Before you begin

Read Considerations for installing and upgrading Notes on Mac OS X.

About this task

For additional and related information about Notes® deployment on the Mac OS X platform, see the IBM® Support site and the Notes® and Domino® wiki.


  1. Obtain the Notes® installation kit.
  2. Locate and run the installation executable.
  3. Read the Welcome screen and click Continue.
  4. Read the install information and click Continue.
  5. Process the license agreement terms and click Continue.
  6. Accept the default install directory and click Continue.
  7. Select the features to install and click Continue.
  8. Accept Notes® as the default mail, calendar, and contacts programs. Optionally enable the Notes® preloader option.
  9. Read the installation screen and click Install.
  10. If prompted, enter your administrative user name and password and click OK.
    Note: The installation process may take several minutes.
  11. Read the Result screen and click Continue.
  12. Read the installation summary screen and click Close to exit the installation wizard.
  13. Start Notes® by double clicking the new IBM® Notes®.application icon in the /Applications directory.
  14. Respond to any Notes® setup prompts.