Creating an additional organization certifier ID

When you set up the first server in a domain, you create an organization certifier.

About this task

If your hierarchical name scheme calls for having multiple organizations but only one Domino® Directory, you must create an additional organization certifier ID.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Configuration tab.
  2. From the Tools pane, choose Registration > Organization.
  3. Optional: To change the registration server, which is the server that initially stores the Certifier document until the Domino® Directory replicates, click Registration Server, select the correct server, and then click OK. If you have not specified a registration server in Administration Preferences, the registration server is by default:
    • The local server, if there is one and it contains a Domino® Directory
    • The server specified in the NewUserServer setting in the NOTES.INI file
    • The Administration server
  4. Click Set ID file to change the location where Domino® stores the certifier ID. Keep the certifier ID file in a secure place so that it is accessible to register new servers and users, but safe from misuse. By default, the certifier ID is stored in C:\.
  5. Complete the following fields:
    Table 1. Additional organizer ID fields and actions



    Organization name

    Enter the name of the organization. Enter a name different from the one used on the organization certifier ID created when you set up the first Domino® server.

    Country code

    Adding an organizational country or region code for the country or region where the organization's corporate headquarters are located minimizes the chance that another organization has the same organization name as yours. Enter the country or region code only if you have registered your organization name with a national or international standards body. For multinational companies, you can enter a country or region in which the company has offices, as long as the organization name is registered there.

    Certifier password

    Enter a case-sensitive password for the certifier. The characters you use for this password depend on the level set in the Password quality scale field.

    Password quality scale

    Choose the level of complexity for the password. By default, the level is 8, where 16 is the highest.

    Security type

    Choose either North American (default) or International. In practice, there is no difference between a North American and an International ID type.

    Mail certification requests to (Administrator)

    Enter the name of the administrator who handles recertification requests. The name specified here appears in the Certifier document in the Domino® Directory. If you are creating a certifier ID for an offsite administrator, enter that administrator's name in this field.


    Enter text that appears in the Location field of the Certifier document.


    (Optional) Enter text that appears in the Comment field of the Certifier document.

  6. Click Register.