Viewing SSL server certificates

You can view information about SSL server certifications

About this task

Each SSL server certificate contains this information:

  • The expiration date. The default trusted roots that come with Domino® do not have expiration dates.
  • The distinguished name of the server that requested the certificate.
  • The distinguished name of the CA that signed the certificate.
  • The size of the public key. The size determines the strength of the encrypted public key.

To view an SSL server certificate


  1. Map a network drive to the directory that contains the key ring file.
  2. From the Notes® client, open the Server Certificate Admin (CERTSRV.NSF) application.
  3. Click View & Edit Key Rings.
  4. Click Choose Key Ring to Display.
  5. Enter the name of the key ring file that contains the certificates you want to view.
  6. Enter the password for the key ring file.
  7. Do one of these:
    • To view the server certificate, select a document in the Site Certificates category.
    • To view a trusted root certificate, select a document in the Certification Authorities category.