SSL session resumption

SSL session resumption greatly improves performance when using SSL by recalling information from a previous successful SSL session negotiation to bypass the most computationally intensive parts of the SSL session key negotiation. HTTP is the protocol that benefits the most from SSL session resumption, but other Internet protocols may benefit as well.

By default, the server caches information from the 50 most recently negotiated sessions. This number can be modified by setting the variable SSL_RESUMABLE_SESSIONS in the NOTES.INI file. Increasing that number may improve performance on servers that tend to carry large numbers of concurrent SSL sessions.

SSL session resumption can be disabled by setting SSL_RESUMABLE_SESSIONS=1 on the server.

SSL_RESUMABLE_SESSIONS has no effect on the Notes® client. The client will cache the most recent SSL session.

Note: You cannot configure SSL sessions to time out and expire.