Specifying the IBM Protector server URL setting using a desktop policy

Use the NOTES.INI setting $PROTECTOR_LOCATION=URL to specify the URL that accesses the IBM Protector for Mail Security 2.5 server.

About this task

This setting supports use of an IP:PORT combination such as The setting does not support the use of an http or https URL such as https://myprotector.company.com:4443.

To locate the URL for the Protector server, see the Lotus® Protector for Mail Security 2.5 documentation under Related information.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator Desktop Settings document, click the Custom Settings > Notes.ini tab.
    Tip: This policy document has numerous tabs; click the scroll arrows at the end of the tabs if you cannot see the Custom Settings tab.
  2. Click Edit list.
  3. Complete these fields:
    • Item -- Specify $PROTECTOR_LOCATION
    • Value -- Specify the URL for the Protector server. The URL is the fully-qualified domain name in IP:PORT format. Use the explicit IP:PORT address.
    • Enforce -- Click this check box if you are enforcing the policy setting. If you enforce the policy, it will override settings that have precedence over this setting including those assigned through an explicit policy.
  4. Save and close the policy settings document.