Setting overall access levels in the Domino® Directory ACL

The Domino® Directory, like all Notes® databases, has an access control list (ACL) that controls the overall access that users and servers have.

About this task

The following table shows the default name entries in the Domino® Directory ACL and the default access settings for each entry.

You might want to customize the database ACL. For example, to have stricter control over database access, you might change the access for the -Default- entry to No Access and explicitly add the names of groups of users to the ACL that you want to allow access.

Note: The default access for the -Default- entry allows users only to change some of the fields in their Person documents.
Table 1. Default name entries their associated access settings

Default name entry

Access level

User type


Author access without the "Create documents" privilege or administration roles



No access



Manager access with no administration roles

Person group


Manager access with all administration roles except PolicyCreator and PolicyModifier

Server group


Reader access

Server group

Server in the domain on which the directory was created.

Manager access with all administration roles


Administrator specified during server setup

Manager access with all administration roles