Serving files compressed by gzip compression

The Domino® Web server can serve files compressed by gzip (GNU zip). This feature is on by default. You must add the compressed file to the appropriate server directory.

Prior to Domino® 8.5.1, the Domino® Web server serves files compressed by gzip (GNU zip) given the following conditions:

  • The NOTES.INI file must not contain the following setting: HTTPDisablePreCompressedGzipFiles=1.
  • The name of the compressed file is the name of the original file with an additional extension of .gz. For example, the gzip counterpart of c:\notes\data\domino\html\foo.html is c:\notes\data\domino\html\foo.html.gz. (A browser sees this file as http://<servername>/foo.html.)
  • The original file must be present in the same directory as the gzip file. The original file is served if it is newer than the gzip file or compression is disabled.
  • The browser or other client must send the request header Accept-Encoding: gzip (the default for most browsers).
  • The MIME Content-type of the file must match text/* (all subtypes of type text) or application/* (all subtypes of type application).
  • The server does not support sending a range of bytes for a file that has a gzip counterpart. The server does not send "Accept-Ranges: bytes" in the HTTP header and sends the entire compressed file.

For information on using GZIP to improve IBM® iNotes® performance, see the IBM® iNotes® administrator product documentation.