Running Compact to update the ODS version of a mail file

To update the ODS version of a mail file, you can run copy-style compacting (compact -c) on it.

About this task

The ODS version of a mail file database is listed on the Info tab of the database properties box. Compacting converts a database's ODS to the next ODS format.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, open the Server pane and select the server on which to run Compact. To expand the pane, click the servers icon.
  2. Click the Server > Status tab.
  3. In the navigation pane, click Server Console.
  4. Set the following parameter in the NOTES.INI file on the Domino® server or the Notes® client:
  5. Use copy-style compacting to upgrade existing ODS databases to the current level. Type load compact -c database name in the Domino Command field and then press ENTER

    Type the database path relative to the Domino® data directory. To compact a specific mail file in the mail directory, enter the name of the mail directory followed by the name of the mail file, for example:

    Load compact -c MAIL\USER.NSF

    To compact all mail files in the mail directory, type the name of the mail directory as the database path, for example:

    Load compact -c MAIL
    Note: You can also set the NOTES.INI parameter directly at the console on a server.