Managing Internet passwords

To manage the Internet passwords that you assign to users who have Person documents in the Domino® Directory, use a security settings policy document. You can manage Internet password quality and length, as well as allow users to change their Internet passwords using a Web browser, and control expiration period and change intervals.

You can force users to change their Internet password on the next login through a setting in the Person document.

Note: In order to allow users to change their Internet passwords through a browser, you must have session authentication enabled for your server.

Internet password synchronization with Notes® passwords

You can synchronize the Internet password stored in the Person record in the Domino® Directory with the user's Notes® password. This means that users can use the same password to log in to a Domino® server through the Notes® client and a Web browser.

You can enable Notes-Internet password synchronization for individual or multiple users on a server through the use of a security settings policy document.

If synchronization is enabled, then when a user changes their Notes® password, the Internet password is eventually changed, as well. Synchronization occurs only when the Notes® ID password is changed, and only when the Notes® ID password has a newer date than the Internet password.

Note: Internet password synchronization only works in Notes®. It does not work if you update your password using Domino® Web Access.

If custom password policies have been established for Notes® users in a security settings policy document, and the security policy setting also specifies Update Internet password when Notes passwords change, then the custom password policy will also be applied to user Internet passwords. This is the only time that custom password policies are applied to Internet passwords.

Custom password policies are not applied to Internet passwords if users change them through a browser.

Note: The more secure password format is required if you choose to synchronize a user's Internet password with their Notes® password.