Creating and inserting a $xxxExtensibleSchema subform

After you create and insert a $xxxInheritableSchema subform for structural object class, create and insert a $xxxExtensibleSchema subform into the $xxxInheritableSchema subform so that you can add an auxiliary object class to the structural object class.

About this task

If you do not want to add an auxiliary object class to the new structural object class, do not complete this procedure.


  1. Make sure that you are working in a copy of the IBM® Domino® Directory template (usually NAMES.NTF) and that you have Designer or Manager access in the ACL.
  2. From IBM® Domino® Designer, open NAMES.NTF.
  3. In the first pane, select Shared Elements and then Subforms.
  4. Right-click New Subform. For the subform name, enter $xxxExtensibleSchema, where xxx is the name of the new structural object class created previously, for example, renovationsPrinterExtensibleSchema. Click OK.
  5. Do the following to specify the properties for the new subform:
    1. With the new subform open, choose Design > Subform Properties.
    2. Deselect the Options property Render pass through HTML in Notes.
    3. Leave the other properties the same, and close the Subform Properties box.
    4. Save and close the new ExtensibleSchema subform.
  6. Do the following to insert the new ExtensibleSchema subform into the InheritableSchema subform:
    1. With Subforms still selected, open the InheritableSchema subform you created previously, for example $renovationsPrinterInheritableSchema.
    2. On the Extensible tab choose Create > Resource > Insert Subform.
    3. Select the ExtensibleSchema subform you created -- for example $renovationsPrinterExtensibleSchema.
    4. Click OK.
  7. Save and close the InheritableSchema subform.

What to do next

Complete the procedure Using the Domino Directory to create an LDAP auxiliary object class.