Creating a Global Web Settings document

The Global Web settings document applies one or more Web Site Rules documents to all of the servers in the IBM® Domino® domain or to specified servers in the Domino® domain. You define a name for the Global Web settings document, and specify the servers to which the Global Web settings apply. You then create Web Rules documents for a Global Web Settings document. The Web rules then apply to all servers specified in the Global Web settings document.

About this task

The settings you enable in the Global Web Settings document apply to all Web Site documents that you have set up on this server. After you have created the Global Web Settings document, you can create rules for this document. These rules will apply to all of the servers that are specified in the Global Web Settings document.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Configuration tab, expand the Web section and click Internet Sites.
  2. Click Create Global Web Settings.
  3. Click the Basics tab and complete the following fields:
    Table 1. Basics tab fields



    Descriptive name for this site

    Enter a name for this Web site.

    Domino® servers that host this site

    List all the servers in the domain that will host this Web site