Creating a form to define a new LDAP structural object class

You can use the IBM® Domino® Directory to create a new structural object class.

About this task

Names used in this procedure are based on the fictional company called Renovations.

  • The copy of the Domino® Directory template is called RENOVATIONSNAMES.NTF. Where you see this name, substitute the file name of the copy of the Domino® Directory template you created.
  • The name of the new structural object class is renovationsPrinter. Where you see this name, substitute the name of the object class you are adding.
You will also use the following forms as templates to use as a basis for creating the new form and subforms. These forms come with the Domino® Directory:
  • The (LDAP country) form
  • The $countryInheritableSchema subform
  • The $countryExtensibleSchema subform


  1. Make sure that you are working in a copy of the Domino® Directory template (RENOVATIONSNAMES.NTF) and that you have at least Designer or Manager access in the ACL.
  2. From IBM® Domino® Designer, open RENOVATIONSNAMES.NTF.
  3. Do the following to copy the contents of the (LDAP country) form into a new form:
    Important: Do not select the (LDAP country) form and use copy and paste to copy it.
    1. In the navigation pane, select Forms.
    2. Open the(LDAP country) form, choose Edit > Select All, then Edit > Copy.
    3. Close the (LDAP country) form.
    4. Right-click New Form, type the name of the new object class as the form name, click OK, and choose Edit > Paste.
  4. With the new form open, delete the words LDAP Country at the beginning of the new form, and replace them with a label describing the new type of entry.
  5. Choose Design - Form Properties, and do the following:
    1. Deselect the Display property Include in menu to prevent IBM® Notes® and Web users from creating documents from the form. When a Notes® or Web user creates a document, LDAP users cannot search the new documents until after the Indexer runs to update the views.
    2. Deselect the Options property Render pass through HTML in Notes.
    3. Leave the other properties the same, and close the Form properties box.
  6. On the Mandatory tab of the new form, select the Type field. In the field formula pane, change "country" to the name of the new object class enclosed in quotation marks.
  7. Do the following to remove the $countryInheritableSchema subform from the new form:
    1. On the Mandatory tab, click the phrase Mandatory Attributes to set focus on the $countryInheritableSchema subform.
    2. Verify that the $countryInheritableSchema subform is selected.
    3. Choose Edit > Delete to remove the $countryInheritableSchema subform.
  8. Close and save the new form.
  9. Do the following:
    1. In the navigation pane, select Forms.
    2. Select the new form, and then click Properties > Design, and select Prohibit design refresh or replace to modify.

What to do next

Complete the procedure Creating and inserting an $xxxInheritableSchema subform.