Browsing and updating from the widgets catalog

You can update widgets from the catalog so that any new, updated, or deleted widgets in the catalog are reflected in your local replica. Update is based on the catalog server, catalog name, and categories to install settings specified on the Widgets preferences panel. Widgets are installed or updated if you are a member of the widget's specified category by policy or plugin_customization.ini file preference or have specified that category on your Widgets preference panel. Widgets are also updated if you installed them using drag and drop from the configured catalog.

To browse the widgets catalog, open it using File > Open > Notes Application or click the Browse the Widget Catalog button in the My Widgets sidebar panel toolbar. You can also use the My Widgets sidebar menu Catalog option to open and browse the catalog, force updates from the catalog, or open the Widgets Preferences page and specify options.

In the Notes® client, to force an update, click Catalog > Update Widgets from the My Widgets options menu. While you can manually check for updates using this menu option, the administrator typically sets a default interval to automatically check for updates and refresh your widgets with updates from the catalog. Typically, this occurs during replication on whatever schedule is set for Normal priority applications.

Note: If a category that you subscribed to is removed from the catalog, widgets from that category are removed from your client the next time catalog update occurs.