Authorization for ID downloads

To help thwart unauthorized access to ID files, you can choose to require that someone with password reset authority approve all ID downloads by specifying a number of downloads allowed (a download count).

Either of the following events is considered an ID download:

  • Recovery from a missing ID file
  • Recovery from a forgotten password

You use policy configuration to require authorization for ID downloads, to specify a download time limit that applies to all users of the policy, and to specify help text to display to users when either a download time limit or download count limit has been exceeded.

You specify a download count limit on a per-user basis through IBM® Domino® Administrator tools. For example, if a user runs IBM® Notes® from two computers, you might specify a download count of 2 for that user. To require authorization for any ID download, specify 0 as the download count and then increase the count when needed to authorize a specific download or downloads.