Using Activity Trends and Server Health Monitoring in a cluster

You can use the Activity Trends tool and Server Health Monitoring with clusters.

Using Activity Trends in a cluster

If you are using Activity Trends, you should be aware that this tool does not recognize when servers are in a cluster. If you create an Activity Trends server group that includes servers from different clusters or some servers that are in a cluster and some servers that are not in a cluster, Activity Trends may suggest moving a database out of a cluster in order to balance the resources in the server group. To prevent this, you can create a separate server group for each cluster and a separate group for nonclustered servers. If you decide to include cluster servers and nonclustered servers in the same server group, you can use the Activity Trends pin features to exclude specific databases from resource balancing.

Using Server Health Monitoring in a cluster

Server Health Monitoring in a cluster works the same way it works outside of a cluster. Unlike Activity Trends, Server Health Monitoring assessments are based on each individual server rather than on a group of servers.