Starting and stopping the ISpy task

You must start the ISpy task before you can create server and mail routing event generators. The ISpy task does not start automatically.

About this task

Use any of these methods to start and stop the ISpy task. Because the ISpy task is case-sensitive, you must enter it exactly as shown in this table.

Table 1. Methods of starting and stopping the ISpy task

To do this

Perform this task

Start the ISpy task automatically when the server starts

Edit the ServerTasks setting in the NOTES.INI file to include runjava ISpy.

Start the ISpy task manually

Enter the command load runjava ISpy at the console.

Stop the ISpy task

Enter the command tell runjava unload ISpy.

Important: You can use the command tell runjava quit, but be aware that it stops all runjava tasks, not just ISpy.